Now in her 14th year at Liverpool Philharmonic, Zoë leads the organisations music education, talent development, social action and health programmes, reaching over 70,000 people each year. Zoë is passionate about the power of music to improve wellbeing, support recovery from physical and mental ill health, and improve life chances, with diversity and inclusion central to all programmes. Zoë works closely with schools, NHS Trusts, higher education institutions, community groups, artists, arts organisations, donors and funders, delivering award-winning, impactful and long-term programmes and partnerships.


More about Zoë…

A fun fact

I’ve jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet, and hold an Advanced scuba diving qualification!

Favourite place in the world?

Liverpool😊 but in close second, anywhere I can hear or see the sea

No. 1 song recommendation

My go-to for spirit lifting is Mr Scruff, Get a Move On

No.1 book recommendation

So tough!! I recently enjoyed The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot, but probably my fave would have to be something by Margaret Atwood or Phillip Pullman

Furthest you’ve been from home?

New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to do a year backpacking in 2006, as saw a lot of the world. Hoping to retrace my steps one day!

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