We are always keen to hear from and work with local talent. We would particularly like to hear from freelance multi-genre music makers, musicians and music leaders who:  

  • Are from minoritised* communities  
  • Live in or close to Tower Hamlets / London’s East End 
  • Have experience working in a range of community settings 
  • Are passionate about co-creation and collaborative music making  

  If you meet the above criteria, please get in touch to tell us about your experience in your preferred format (written, audio or video). We would particularly like to know about your range of genres and experience in learning, participation and community projects you are and have been involved in. Please send to ku.gro.cisumsdleiflatips@tnemtiurcer  and complete the equal opportunities form below.

Equal Opportunities Form 

*We use the term ‘minoritised communities’ rather than ‘ethnic minorities’, as people who are black or brown are not in a minority in East London, and are often minoritised.  We take an intersectional approach to equality, diversity & inclusion, recognising that peoples’ experiences of oppression and discrimination can be layered and complex.