Naomi Lewis is a consultant for Counterculture and has worked at a number of leading cultural organisations, with extensive experience in strategic management, leadership, taking organisations through periods of change and producing large-scale and digital projects and performances.
Before working as a consultant, Naomi spent eight years at the Royal Opera House where, as a senior manager, she led large artistic and administrative teams to deliver the annual programme and delivered two successful international tours.


More about Naomi…

1) A fun fact…

I was a volunteer performer in the London 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. Meeting and working closely with fellow volunteers from across the UK throughout the rehearsal process brought an amazing sense of community to the experience, which was topped off by living my 7-year old self’s dream of performing with the Spice Girls!

2) Furthest away from home you’ve been?

Indonesia and it was bliss. Sun, beaches, jungle, delicious food, gamelan, coffee, art – what’s not to love!

3) Favourite place in the world?

Up a mountain. Preferably in the Lake District or the Alps

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