Hannah is the co-founder of music supervision and composer management company We Are Golden based in Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch. Classically trained with a BMUS + MA in music her experience as a score producer and music supervisor runs across award winning films, TV and ads. Prior to setting up We Are Golden she worked at EMI / Sony / ATV Music Publishing for 13 years leaving as Global Creative Manager for their production music business. She is passionate about creative entrepreneurship, fostering emerging talent and challenging the norm in classical music.

More about Hannah…

A fun fact…

I had a short stint as an opera singer – my career highlight being singing on a scene from Donny Darko where worm-like shapes emerge from the characters’ chests. These shapes display where people will be going in the future, which is a real concept in physics called the worldline. (Check it out, it’s bananas)

Favourite place in the world?

Toss up between London Bridge at dusk and the stone circle in Glastonbury at dawn.

No. 1 song recommendation

Changes on a daily basis but today its Getting Away With It by Electronic

No. 1 book recommendation

Anything by Emile Zola (if pushed Therese Raquin)

Furthest you’ve been from home?

Some corner of Sulawesi that was impossibly difficult to reach

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