Pupils at Thomas Buxton Primary School celebrate refugees’ journeys with our Trainee Music Leaders

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Back in March, our Trainee Music Leaders’ School’s Project got off to an amazing start with the Year 4 pupils of Thomas Buxton School. Each trainee leader led two amazing sessions with the classes on the subject of Immigration and Refugees.

It was an amazing day giving the pupils the chance explore important themes through music, and developing the workshop skills of our Trainee Music Leaders! The pupils spent time thinking about refugees journeys and developing empathy for their stories, using this to co-create some incredible music with the Trainee Music Leaders.

Our music leaders and the pupils we met had an amazing and insightful time reflecting on their experiences and emotions and turning them into their own creative pieces of music. Stay tuned for Spitalfields Music’s next Neighbourhood Schools Projects.


Before you leave, take a moment and have a listen to our Trainee Music Leaders’ collaboration with the Year 4 pupils!