• Creative Encounters Year Two: Part One

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    by Clare Whistler, dancer for Creative Encounters

    Why are so many care homes called ‘Court’ For me the word brings to mind courtiers, and history books, places of grandeur and hierarchies, going to court for the …

  • Life as a Trainee Music Leader: Kate Howden

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    I was working with Blackheath Opera and Multi-Storey Orchestra last year as a singer on their children’s opera Noye’s Fludde I had admired and loved the work of …

  • Creative Encounters at Beaumont Court: Part Six

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    by Lucy Clasper, cellist for Creative Encounters at Beaumont Court

    Our final session at Beaumont Court was a poignant mix of celebration and finality The end of projects are always hard… Yes, you get to celebrate what has been: what …

  • Creative Encounters at Beaumont Court: Part Two

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    Written by musician Tim Cape on Creative Encounters at Beaumont Court She looks over at me again with mischievous and eager eyes, mouthing something to me with great …

  • Creative Encounters at Aspen Court: Part Six

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    Written by Mary Martin, musician in Artist Team for Creative Encounters at Aspen Court The feeling in the activity room, where our sessions take place, has changed …

  • Creative Encounters at Aspen Court: Part Five

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    Written by Debra, staff member at Aspen Court for Creative Encounters With gentle rays from the sun entering our space Soft chime sounds echo from our garden close …

  • Announcing our Open Call Artists for 2018/19

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    Thanks to the generous support of Help Musicians UK’s National Grants Programme, Open Call is an initiative to support music creators in laboratory-style commissions; …