Musical Rumpus: Listen & Respond

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Listen and respond to the sounds children make.

We listened to the audience, copied and responded to their vocalisations during our Lyrebird performance in 2015.

Try these activities at home!

  • Play with leaving gaps and spaces in well-known songs by missing out a word or phrase – listen for your baby’s response.
  • Make a homemade shaker using a plastic bottle and some rice – play with starting and stopping. Maybe your toddler can show you when to stop? Try mimicking their actions and playing.

Sing and Dance to this…

This call and response children’s song from Ghana is similar to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’

From Baby Bird’s Journey
c. Vital Arts/Spitalfields Music 2011
Musicians: Zoe Palmer, Jack Ross, Penny Desbruslais
Sound Engineer: Francis Gardner, The Hot House
Narration: Baden Prince

From The Song Weaver – Music and Movement for Under Fives
c. Vital Arts/Spitalfields Music 2013
Musicians: Zoe Palmer, Jack Ross and Abimaro
Additional Voices: Laura Fensom, Rachel Louis
Sound Engineer; James Yarde
Narration: Baden Prince


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