Musical Rumpus: Actions & Repetition

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Children love joining in with repeated sounds and actions.

The button proved a great invitation for repeated button-pressing by children and interaction with singers (Lyrebird, December 2015).

Try these activities at home!

Use a song your child knows and add repeated verses and actions to invite them to join in.

Make up simple songs or chants to accompany everyday actions such as brushing teeth.

Sing & Dance to this…

From The Song Weaver – Music and Movement for Under Fives
c. Vital Arts/Spitalfields Music 2013
Musicians: Zoe Palmer, Jack Ross and Abimaro
Additional Voices: Laura Fensom, Rachel Louis
Sound Engineer; James Yarde
Narration: Baden Prince

From Baby Bird’s Journey
c. Vital Arts/Spitalfields Music 2011
Musicians: Zoe Palmer, Jack Ross, Penny Desbruslais
Sound Engineer: Francis Gardner, The Hot House
Narration: Baden Prince


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