Creative Encounters: Year 2, Chapter 3, Part 1

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by Lucy Steggals, Visual Artist

J’s hands were dancing right from the first note, gently, joyfully each one seemingly with a mind of its own.
She laughed and so did we. It was an invitation. D and I mirrored her movements back.
Slinkys became percussion instruments and they danced to.
The felt wiggled and D used it to skip.
She taught me a game I had never played before about jumping and snakes.
C chimed wonderfully with J.
M moved everywhere and with her so did everything else.
Sound and stuff all found their places in the flow.
Hello, hello some old friends came to say.
I missed those who are no longer here or are to ill to play today.
A was persistent and inventive with the foam balls and her rhythms.
Her chatter slowed but she most defiantly still had something to say.

A little later I met R who show me paintings he couldn’t quite remember having made inspired by faraway places.
We talked about how they could be codes or scores.
What he would really like is a coke a cola.
His work is made in black markers on recycled board.
He might teach me how to do it next week.

Upstairs the room was already warm with the sound of music.
C , J and I filled a window ledge with paintings of unidentifiable things.
Sometimes, if not always, it’s all there in the simple things.