Creative Encounters: Year 2, Chapter 3, Part 3

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by D, Wellbeing Coordinator

Written by D, Wellbeing Coordinator on Creative Encounters at a Tower Hamlets care home.

That Natural Feeling

To sum up the past four weeks of this final phase I would relate it to the title of this blog.

I feel somewhat we have gone back to when it all began new and fresh, mind open. The journey has been long and taken shape over many paths. It’s been up and down especially last year, somewhat paths lost. But this final stage for our residents I feel has been a joy to watch to listen and explore.

Through monitoring and evaluation, to be in a room full of people, residents, artists and myself and colleague S, for that time as a group we are one, we become one.
Everything just happened naturally, whether it’s a sound of an instrument or a spoken word, even just a smile. We all engage and build on a piece together. The time passes quickly but when over it feels nice in a good way. We only have four sessions left now. What they bring I don’t know.

For me personally, as I started with the pilot a certain sound was missing and truely felt. Faces I’ve come to know. This has been a big project and a huge chunk at AC. What the final stage means and the journey we have been on, how the curtain comes down and credits roll. What our last credits will be?
But for now creative encounters is here.