Open Call 2017 Artists Announced

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We are delighted to announce Xana and Freya Wynn-Jones as the successful composers for Open Call, our initiative to support two music creators in laboratory-style commissions, generously supported by Help Musicians UK’s National Grants Programme and PRS for Music Foundation’s Open Fund.

We will work with Xana and Freya over the next four months to develop their project ideas which will be presented as work-in-progress events during February 2018 – details of how to book for these will be announced later this year.

“I want to provoke conversation around uncomfortability and navigating structures of oppressive silence through my sound installations and compositions. Spitalfields Music is an opportunity for me to amplify voices who want to fracture that silence including my own.” Xana

“I’m delighted to be given an opportunity to explore my creative practise alongside Spitalfields Music in their most recent Open Call. I’m excited to give time and space to work that inspires me, to take new leaps in my function as a maker and to develop my artistic voice with this inspiring company.” Freya-Wynn Jones

We would like to thank everyone who applied for Open Call. We were overwhelmed by the breadth of creative responses we received and the generosity of all applicants in taking the time to share their ideas with us.