New Documentary for SoundBox

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Soundbox is an all-ability inclusive music collective that brings together disabled and non-disabled musicians aged 11+ from East London and beyond to make and create music using a mixture of traditional instruments, music technology and singing. The innovative project is delivered in partnership project with Drake Music, the London Symphony Orchestra and Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES).

The sessions, which run regularly as part of THAMES Saturday Music Centre, are an opportunity for young people to play and create music with others through collaboration and experimentation. The project “is about making sure everybody gets a go and all the players make the music”. Have a look at the new Soundbox documentary to see for yourself this “truly amazing music making”.

Here are a few things participants have said:

“Soundbox gives me a chance to really work on something and to build relationships with people.”

“Soundbox is unique and allows me to work with other young musicians like me as well as my peers.”

“My favourite thing about Soundbox is how spontaneous it is – someone plays something on their instrument and suddenly, 10 minutes later, it’s a brilliant piece of music and everybody is joining in. It is also really exciting because as people get used to their instruments and to each other, the music just keeps getting better and better, and more interesting.”

Soundbox is free, and open to young people aged 11+ keen to make music. For more information about how to sign up please visit this page.