Jenny studied music at uni before diving head-first into the world of teaching.  She is currently an Assistant Headteacher in a large secondary school in East London, but also enjoys going to events and playing music as often as possible.  She can often be found noodling on her clarinet or saxophone at gigs and jazz jams.


More about Jenny…

1) No. 1 song recommendation?

This is impossible to answer!  I highly recommend getting lost in some tracks by Sun Ra such as ‘Springtime Again’, the beautiful lyricism of Chet Baker’s trumpet playing and the energising grooves of London-based bands such as Kokoroko.

2) Your favourite place in the world?

Swimming in the sea.  Preferably somewhere with big waves, but on a sunny day.

3) No.1 book recommendation?

I’ve recently loved ‘Home Coming’ by Yas Gyasi.  Such a beautiful and intriguing story.

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