Festival 2022

Walking Tour: The City’s Secret Gardens

Led by tour guide Andrew Parnell

Sunday 3rd July 3pm (2022)

Starting from St Paul’s Station (Exit 2 – signed for St Paul’s Cathedral) and finishing at St. Anne & St Agnes Church (c. 2 hours)

PRICE: £15

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Gardens may not be the first thing that spring to mind when you think of the City of London, but in fact hidden away are a multitude of wonderful, well-tended small green public spaces within the Square Mile – “pocket parks” offering room to breathe, and contact with nature, amid the huge office buildings of London’s financial centre. As well as providing respite for City workers, they all have stories to tell, taking us back to a time when the City was not just a place where people came to work: it was a place where people lived, loved, died and were buried. On our way to St Anne and St Agnes Church, we will stop and look at some of these oases of peace, find out why so many have survived, and discover connections with royalty, prime ministers and playwrights.

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Organised in partnership with our friends at East London on Foot


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