Wednesday 10 June, 6.30pm (2015)

PRICE: £15 unreserved

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Sacconi Quartet

Beethoven String Quartet in A minor, Op.132

What if you could experience a piece of music beyond hearing the notes? In this multi-sensory, interactive performance, the Sacconi Quartet takes Beethoven’s iconic String Quartet in A minor and offers a new direct and physical experience. Working with designers Rusty Squid and interactive lighting designer Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn they push the bounds of what a performance can mean.

Through responsive lighting design and a handheld digital connection to the performers’ heartbeats, find yourself immersed in the piece through sound, light and touch. Enter a space where the boundaries between performer and audience are dissolved. Connect with a performer’s heartbeat as they play and transform the lighting in the space through your own.

Approximate end time: 7.30pm

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