Wednesday 3 June, 9.30pm (2015)

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Hortus Ensemble
James Weeks conductor

James Weeks Mala punica with instrumental interludes (world premiere)

Contemporary vocal group EXAUDI present the world premiere of James Weeks’s Mala punica with instrumental interludes.

Mala punica (Pomegranates) is a cycle of musical canons which draws texts and inspiration from the biblical Song of Songs, a lyrical expression of divine love and natural beauty. Each section of the piece crafts an idea from the text into a musical image: a plume of smoke, curling vines, fruiting figs and pomegranates, the intoxication of wine and love.

Around this, three new instrumental interludes for a sextet of three strings and three flute construct a sonic garden encountered at dawn, afternoon, and dusk.

Approximate end time: 10.30pm

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