A Song for Us

September - November 2021

KS3 singing project

This is a private event

In partnership with Sound UK and Spitalfields Music, young people from Swanlea Secondary school in Whitechapel will contribute to, learn and perform a specially commissioned piece by a singer-songwriter, electronic rock-sitarist and artist Bishi Bhattacharya. The performance will feature as part of A Song For Us – a nationwide celebration of community and resilience through songwriting. Bishi’s collaboration with Swanlea Secondary school will create a county song for London – that represents our communities and reflections on the past year.  

Young people will contribute ideas in an initial workshop and learn Bishi’s song across series of sessions led by music leader Jessie Maryon Davies. This will culminate in an assembly performance with year 8 pupils in Mid-October. A class of students will go on to reprise the song for a public schools’ performance in November as part of our wider KS3 singing project.  

This project will connect with world mental health day 2021 and uses music as a universal language to frame open and confident discussion about mental wellbeing and the power of song to connect us and combat loneliness and anxiety. It aims to build confidence in communication and vocal skills by being part of a performance, and will engage students in an in-depth collaborative experience to co-author a song with an internationally acclaimed artist. 

The performance will be recorded to become part of a national showcase of Songs for Us on the Sound UK website.