Carys is a project manager, facilitator and DJ, with experience working across the art forms in participatory projects. She currently manages the Ark Schools music programme and the Thames Youth Orchestra, and works with a range of other music and carnival organisations, whilst also performing as DJ Mattana. Her experience working with a range of marginalised and oppressed groups such as Theatre for a Change and Pan Intercultural Arts has made her passionate about the power of the arts to unite communities and heal individual and societal trauma.

More about Carys…

3 facts:

  1. A hidden talent?

I have manicuring, hair cutting & hair colouring qualifications from a beauty school in Kampala, Uganda – not that I’ve ever really put these skills to use!

2. Favourite song?

Nadia Batson’s Cyah Change is such a powerful and empowering anthem that I go to whenever I need a pick-me-up – and it’s also a banging soca track that you can’t help but dance to!

3. Favourite place in the world

Too many to choose from! But I’d say that the time I’ve spent in Busua, Ghana has made it feel like a second home – a lovely quiet fishing village where you get to know all your neighbours, can swim in the sea, and eat freshly-caught lobster (if that’s your thing). Just beware of the sea urchins!


Email: ku.gro.cisumsdleiflatips@snave.syrac

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