Q&A with Anna Thorvaldsdottir

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With Spitalfields Music Festival 2017 just around the corner we’ve been catching up with the artists and ensembles involved to find out about what to expect at their performances and what inspires them to create.

Here’s festival featured composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir talking about her involvement in the festival…

How have you found working with André as a part of this festival?

I have mostly been in touch with him via email – it has been great to sense his enthusiasm and to see the fantastic line-up he has put together for the festival. It will be great to get a chance to get to know him and all the others better at the festival.

What’s your involvement in the festival?

Some of my music is being performed at House of Monteverdi and In the Light of Air and I’m honoured to be the featured composer.

What can audiences expect from your performances in three words?

Their own experience

How do you define the music you create?

I don’t really define it…. the music comes as it wants to be each time and I stay as true to that as possible.

Other than the events you’re involved in which Spitalfields Music Festival event are you looking forward to the most?

Impossible to pick one out!

Best gig you’ve ever seen?

So many different things come to mind that are impossible to pick from – for example wonderful orchestra performances, great contemporary dance performances, large electronic and indie/rock concerts, small intimate living room concerts etc etc…

Anna Thorvaldsdottir presents two UK premieres at House of Monteverdi, Saturday 2 December, 5pm and the UK premiere of In The Light Of Air on Friday 8 December, 8pm & 1.15am as part of Spitalfields Music Festival. Book Now!