Q&A with Aart Strootman

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With Spitalfields Music Festival 2017 just around the corner we’ve been catching up with the artists and ensembles involved to find out about what to expect at their performances and what inspires them to create.

Here’s electric guitarist Aart Strootman talking about his involvement in the festival…

How have you found working with André as a part of this festival?

Working with André is always a joy: thoughtful programming, personal approaches and never fearing experiment. We know each other for years via some guitar concerto’s and his ensemble s t a r g a z e, what he came up with for Spitalfields Music Festival is again so rich. I’m looking forward to contribute!

What’s your involvement in the festival?

I’ll be playing with s t a r g a z e at Renegade New Classical, performing my favourite piece of music written for the electric guitar: Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich at Hyperchromatic Counterpoint and join the Schumann Street project with Abimaro.

What can audiences expect from your performances in three words?

Unheard, soothing, chamber music

How do you define the music you create?

My approach with the electric guitar is the direct opposite of what many people would expect from an electric guitar. Most of my work sounds more like a lute than Jimi Hendrix.

Other than the events you’re involved in which Spitalfields Music Festival event are you looking forward to the most?

House of Monteverdi! I’ve heard nothing but great stories about that one.

Best gig you’ve ever seen?

My doubt between G.F.Haas In Vain, Radiohead, Meshuggah and Ciconia proves that this is an impossible question for a musical omnivore.

Aart Strootman will perform at no less than three festival events: Hyperchromatic Counterpoint on Tuesday 5 December, 8.30pm, Renegade New Classical on Wednesday 6 December, 8pm and Schumann Street Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 December, 5 & 7.30pm. Book Now!