Lou joined Spitalfields Music in 2020, previously having spent 13 years working on cultural education projects, research and training with schools and communities in East and Greater London including several years at A New Direction and Create Jobs and previously Hackney Museum. She is also a sound artist and composer.

More about Lou…

1) A fun fact…

When we were kids my older brother named the family dog ‘Mickey’ after our younger brother. It was confusing in so many ways…I still wonder why.

2) Favourite place in the world?

Fairlight Cove in Hastings, or by the fire in the Eleanor Arms on The Old Ford Road.

3) Number 1. song recommendation?

This is a toughie! Can I have two? Journey in Satchitananda– Alice Coltrane,  or Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM – Fela Kuti


Email: ku.gro.cisumsdleiflatips@llenrab.uol

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