More about Gail…

1) A fun fact…

Wee Pumpkin, The Golden Child, and Rimsky-Korsakov were my three nicknames given to me by my colleagues while I was working back in Scotland. Further details available upon request.

2) Furthest you’ve been from home?

South Island of New Zealand! I – quite literally – couldn’t have been any further away from home! I was sent me there to look after a tour of opera for babies. When I reflect back, maybe that was a hint from my manager… I can still remember the faces of the border control officers when they opened my suitcase of props which was filled with assorted sizes of rubber ducks and a washing line with kids underwear glued across the full length of it. I had some explaining to do. 

3) Number 1. book recommendation?

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker. Fascinating doesn’t begin to describe this!

4) Number 1. song recommendation?

Kollera by Dusty Kid – but only if you have access to good headphones!


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