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19th-26th March (2024)

We’re raising money for our Neighbourhood Schools project Cries of London

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We’re raising money towards our Spitalfields Music Festival 2024 Learning Participation project: The Cries of London.

This summer, we want to work with KS2 children to help them learn about local history and express their creativity. The Cries of London is a project focusing on street traders from the 18th century to the modern day. Inspired by Luciano Berio’s work Cries of London, which will be performed by the Carice Singers at this year’s festival, the young people will interpret London’s modern day ‘cries’ & use them to compose their own sound installation to be showcased at the festival. We’ll work with The Gentle Author, the man behind the hugely popular Spitalfields Life blog, and composer Gawain Hewitt to unpack this fascinating topic, and use it to inspire primary school children in East London

Young people deserve every opportunity in life, including access to make and perform music. Sadly, funding cuts often impact the arts first, when schools are forced to use budget for heating or paying staff. At Spitalfields Music, we have worked with a network of Neighbourhood Schools since 1989, helping to enhance the musical offering for children across Tower Hamlets – and we’re not deserting them now.

From now until 26th March, your donations towards this project will be doubled, thanks to the generous support of The Big Give. We’re aiming to raise £5,000 in funds this week. Any amount will help us reach this goal and provide the chance for young people from schools across East London to get in touch with their local history and to express their creativity at Spitalfields Music Festival 2024.

The ‘Cries of London’ have fascinated artists for centuries. Here’s a selection of John Thomas Smith’s collection of 17th Century Cries of London prints.

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How the Big Give works

For this Big Give campaign, we’re generously supported by New Philanthropy for Arts and Culture. They’ve agreed to match fund any donation made through the website for a limited time between 19th-26th March. This means if you donate £50, it will turn into £100 towards our work.

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